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Tiny Feet Need Tiny Shoes

July 28, 2011 by Michelle

My hubby and I both agree that our Baby Bunny will always have new, well-made shoes. It’s one thing we won’t get used.

At the end of March, we bought Baby Bunny her first pair of good shoes for cruising around at the park, a size 0-6 month PediPeds. There was a discount if we bought 2 pairs, so we bought the next size up, 6-12 month, at the same time.

So when she finally outgrew the 0-6 size shoes this past weekend, at nearly 14 months old, I pulled out the next pair. They are HUGE! They look like clown shoes on her, and have tripped her more than once. There is way to much of a jump between these sizes, pictured below.

The jump in size from 0-6 month to 6-12 month PediPed shoes is huge.

The jump in size from 0-6 month to 6-12 month PediPed shoes is huge!

We headed out to several stores searching for an in-between shoe in another brand, but with little luck. Most shoes her size are crib shoes with flimsy soles meant to just look cute (and they do). After our failed shopping trip, I figured we’d just live with the shoes and she’ll grow into them.

I came home last night to a dime-sized red bump on her forehead, and 2 slightly skinned knees. She’d had a slight fall on her daily walk with daddy & doggy around the block. I’m pretty good about not freaking out about these things, but still, it’s hard to see that perfect tiny body I would do anything to protect, get hurt.

The Search For Shoes

Seeing those bumps and scrapes, made me revisit the idea of new shoes. But it’s going to take some effort. Sizing is different in every brand it seems. Here are our in store attempts so far:

  • Robeez – don’t fit correctly, leaving red marks on her heels and the tops of her feet
  • See Kai Run – have a good in-between size for length, but are too wide for her feet
  • Other Brands at Olly – Start at size 4, too darn big
  • Payless – little selection in the size 2s (which fit her best here) and didn’t like flip flops that spread the toes for young walker. In general, not that great of soles
  • The Children’s Place & Macy’s – not very good soles, more of a crib shoe
  • Kids Foot Locker – Nike Free fit pretty well, but were not in stock in a girls color, in her size. Also, I worry a full sneaker is too much for her developing little foot.

I’ve always preferred to try shoes on before buying, but I’ve done some online research also, since the really tiny sizes are harder to find. I’m impressed at the number of companies that make baby & toddler shoes. The baby Merrill’s & Teva’s are adorable! If we can’t get something in store, I may try ordering one of these.

This weekend we’ll venture out to the bigger mall in search of shoes for those adorable tiny feet.

If you have any suggestions for good, very tiny shoes, leave them in the comments. I’ll report more on the pros and cons of what we find.


  1. Kelly says:

    It sounds like you may need to go to a shoestore that will measure her feet, and find a place that sells shoes in real shoe sizes instead of 6-12 months, etc.

    I’d recommend Stride Rite. I’m not sure how small their sizes start, but they sell well-made, flexible-soled sneakers perfect for her stage and they have knowledgable salespepole that will measure her feet and get her in the right pair of shoes. I LOVE them — they’re so good with kids and the shoes LAST. Nathan’s on this third pair!

    When Nathan was her age he was in a size 4.5, so they must carry sizes smaller than that.

    Good luck in your search and let us know what you find!

    • Michelle says:

      Stride Rite is on my list to hit this weekend. Even some good brands have those weird sizes, including Stride Rite’s Robeez. I think it’s because for most kids wearing shoes that small they have them for looks & are growing out of them faster.

  2. Genevieve says:

    I’m just catching up on your blog so I don’t know if you’re still having issues with shoes. Addie’s feet are also quite small (she’s very much a size 3) and I’ve been buying her shoes at Kohl’s and not just because I work there. Though the infant/toddler shoes are limited they do have good flexible but sturdy soled shoes in smaller sizes. They offer Carter’s brands which are more fashionable than functional but the Jumping Beans brand (a Kohl’s brand) is actually pretty good and reasonably priced (which has been my biggest issue with Robeez. I hope this helps you some!!

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