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August, 2011

  1. 9 Month PJs at 14.5 Months

    August 22, 2011 by Michelle

    In the spring, I started buying 6-9/9/9-12 month size clothes for the summer, because I didn’t want to go through two sizes over the summer. Though a bit big, t-shirts worked. But, shorts, leggings, & pjs unfortunately I had to buy from 3-12 month in sizes depending on the brand. But her growth slowed down and really, she’s been a 3-6 month size in most brands, even though I dressed her in some larger clothing. I even have a 0-3 month skirt from last summer that still fits her.

    But this weekend, we hit a milestone: 9 month Carter’s PJs.

    For better or worse, Carter’s sizing is my yardstick. I suppose because they are consistent across clothing type & because everyone seems to have at least some Carter’s clothes. In addition, PJs are my marker of a true clothing size change because they have less wiggle room on sizing. Shorts might have stretchier waists & t-shirts will work snug or baggy. Footie pajamas can only work for a limited time.

    So about 8.5 months later than the average child, we’ve moved to the next size PJ. Unfortunately, Carter’s doesn’t start adding anti-slip grips to the feet of PJs until 12 month size. Good thing we’ve got mostly carpeted floors! Our little walker has been walking in 6 month non-grippy PJs for a few months, and has done okay, but most days this means stripping her to a diaper to run around when she first wakes up in the morning. This has been fine for the summer, but could be a problem when it gets colder.

    Growth Spurt Signs

    There were other signs of this little growth spurt:

    • Hitting her head when she walked under the table.
    • Her big belly shrinking (she tends to fatten up slightly then stretch, which means she goes up & down in pant sizes.)
    • Finding things in her little hands that were previously safe in the middle of bed stands & end tables.
    • An easier time & greater willingness to climb down the stairs (each step used to be like a little jump.)

    Oddly not on this list: eating everything in sight. I thought at one point she seemed to be eating more, but as I look back, no more so than her normal feast to famine eating habits. I’ve thought she was going through a growth spurt a few times before based on food intake. One of those times it actually turned out her growth had slowed down. (Which was right around the time I was starting to buy 9 month clothing.) I’ve come to find eating an unreliable way to predict growth spurts.

    So my next dilemma? What size to buy for fall/winter? Layering helps, but I still need to draw a line. I’ll hold off awhile, but with consignment sale season starting soon, i’ll have to decide in the next several weeks. I’m leaning toward 9 month sizes, but perhaps 12 month is a wise move to take me throughout the whole season?

    Any other moms with slow growers out there (or regular or fast growers) have some clothing buying tips? Leave a comment below.

  2. Blood Tests Inconclusive – More Tests to Come

    August 11, 2011 by Michelle

    After 3 phone calls in 5 days from my pediatrician (love that she’s giving us this much attention) I know very little. I’ve been up and down as she’s told us the results are mostly good but after consulting with others given us more things we need to test.

    Thyroid, blood count, and liver function were all good. However, her Celiac panel and Metobolic panel each had something that we’ll have to look into further.

    Disclaimer: The following is a summary as I understood it when it was explained to me and is unique to our situation. If you are in a similar situation, please speak with your own doctor.

    Celiac Panel – Low IGA

    The baseline IGA level (a type of antibody) was on the low side which apparently makes it hard to interpret the rest of the panel. According to the pediatrician, children with low IGA usually also have other symptoms such as chronic ear infections, which Baby Bunny doesn’t have. So it could be a fluke, but we’ll have to run this blood test again in a few months. Celiac faqs.

    Metabolic Panel – Low CO2

    Her CO2 levels were a little below the normal range. Apparently low CO2 could indicate Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA), a disease of the kidneys. We’re doing a urine test to rule out this uncommon cause of slow growth.

    GI & Nutrition Consult in a Month

    With an inconclusive Metabolic panel, the pediatrician went ahead and ordered a Gastrointestinal and Nutrition consult. Those were difficult to schedule, but after half-an-hour on the phone I managed to get them back-to-back on a Friday morning in September. I’m grateful to have them scheduled finally so I don’t have to think about them for a while.

    I’ve included links for more information on both of the possible diseases, but I have not looked into either extensively because it is not worth it! I’m doing pretty well not freaking out, so why worry myself with details of diseases she might not have? The tests can rule things out, eventually leaving what I believe in my heart to be true, she’s perfectly fine.

  3. Success! Stride Rite Sesame Street Shoes Fit

    August 7, 2011 by Michelle

    After a long hunt for shoes for my little walker, we had success last weekend! The winner, Stride Rite Sesame Street – Abby Cadabby, purchased at Nordstrom. We also picked up a pair of Nike Sandals at Footlocker, which I’ll review in a future post once Baby Bunny tests them out more.

    Sesame Street Stride Rite Shoes - Abby Cadabby

    Why They Are Great for a Small Baby

    The key feature that made these a good pick for petite feet is the cross Velcro straps. The cross over design allows a snug fit for a petite, narrower foot, but is of course adjustable as she grows.

    A bonus, 2-direction straps make them more challenging for a bored toddler to rip them off. Though because they are comfortable and fit better, she doesn’t try to take them off as often.

    They came in a half size, so the 3.5 fit perfectly, which means no more tripping over her own shoes! (Please note, different shoes fit differently, she was not a 3.5 in all brands we tried.)

    Other Pros

    • Easy on & off – Of all the ones we tried, these were the easiest to slip on and off my squirmy child.
    • Lightweight & comfortable – She keeps these shoes on and will even bring them over to us to put them on, so it’s safe to assume comfortable.
    • Versatile Color – They are pink AND purple (and white) so they match more outfits.
    • Good Treads – Enough to grip the ground, not so much to trip her.
    • Rubber Toe Guard – When climbing stairs, hitting a bump in the sidewalk, or just the occasional crawl, she’ll often scrap her shoes against cement and other rough surfaces. The extended rubber toe is protecting the shoe from damage and keeps them looking nicer around the toe than her last pair.

    Minor Drawbacks

    The shoes are really best with a pair of socks, which I’ve been skipping during the summer. They can be worn without socks, but leave some red marks on the tops of her feet.

    I’m also not a fan of TV character branding, even if it is Sesame Street. The AAP recommends avoiding television for children under the age of 2, so we don’t watch Sesame Street (yet)! Still, this is a very minor issue, and she isn’t making the connection, so I’m ok with it.

    Quick Note about Nordstrom and Stride Rite for Kid’s Shoes

    Baby Bunny in her new Sesame Street Shoes

    After my last post, people comment on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook recommending Stride Rite for shoes, citing great customer service and that they measure their feet. We did go there, but they had just one shoe in her size ┬áin stock for early walkers, and we didn’t like the style as much.

    Nordstrom was just as excellent on service, measured her feet, and had a nice selection of shoes we didn’t find elsewhere. It wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Nordstrom is my go to place for quality shoes for me, they do kids shoes right, too. If you live near a Nordstrom and have never been in the kid’s shoes section, check them out! Nordstrom Rack carries kids shoes, too, but no helpful shoe salesmen, just good prices.

    Overall, Baby Bunny, hubby, and I are all thrilled with the Stride Rite Sesame Street shoes and shopping experience at Nordstrom.