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Success! Stride Rite Sesame Street Shoes Fit

August 7, 2011 by Michelle

After a long hunt for shoes for my little walker, we had success last weekend! The winner, Stride Rite Sesame Street – Abby Cadabby, purchased at Nordstrom. We also picked up a pair of Nike Sandals at Footlocker, which I’ll review in a future post once Baby Bunny tests them out more.

Sesame Street Stride Rite Shoes - Abby Cadabby

Why They Are Great for a Small Baby

The key feature that made these a good pick for petite feet is the cross Velcro straps. The cross over design allows a snug fit for a petite, narrower foot, but is of course adjustable as she grows.

A bonus, 2-direction straps make them more challenging for a bored toddler to rip them off. Though because they are comfortable and fit better, she doesn’t try to take them off as often.

They came in a half size, so the 3.5 fit perfectly, which means no more tripping over her own shoes! (Please note, different shoes fit differently, she was not a 3.5 in all brands we tried.)

Other Pros

  • Easy on & off – Of all the ones we tried, these were the easiest to slip on and off my squirmy child.
  • Lightweight & comfortable – She keeps these shoes on and will even bring them over to us to put them on, so it’s safe to assume comfortable.
  • Versatile Color – They are pink AND purple (and white) so they match more outfits.
  • Good Treads – Enough to grip the ground, not so much to trip her.
  • Rubber Toe Guard – When climbing stairs, hitting a bump in the sidewalk, or just the occasional crawl, she’ll often scrap her shoes against cement and other rough surfaces. The extended rubber toe is protecting the shoe from damage and keeps them looking nicer around the toe than her last pair.

Minor Drawbacks

The shoes are really best with a pair of socks, which I’ve been skipping during the summer. They can be worn without socks, but leave some red marks on the tops of her feet.

I’m also not a fan of TV character branding, even if it is Sesame Street. The AAP recommends avoiding television for children under the age of 2, so we don’t watch Sesame Street (yet)! Still, this is a very minor issue, and she isn’t making the connection, so I’m ok with it.

Quick Note about Nordstrom and Stride Rite for Kid’s Shoes

Baby Bunny in her new Sesame Street Shoes

After my last post, people comment on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook recommending Stride Rite for shoes, citing great customer service and that they measure their feet. We did go there, but they had just one shoe in her size ┬áin stock for early walkers, and we didn’t like the style as much.

Nordstrom was just as excellent on service, measured her feet, and had a nice selection of shoes we didn’t find elsewhere. It wasn’t much of a surprise to me. Nordstrom is my go to place for quality shoes for me, they do kids shoes right, too. If you live near a Nordstrom and have never been in the kid’s shoes section, check them out! Nordstrom Rack carries kids shoes, too, but no helpful shoe salesmen, just good prices.

Overall, Baby Bunny, hubby, and I are all thrilled with the Stride Rite Sesame Street shoes and shopping experience at Nordstrom.

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