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9 Month PJs at 14.5 Months

August 22, 2011 by Michelle

In the spring, I started buying 6-9/9/9-12 month size clothes for the summer, because I didn’t want to go through two sizes over the summer. Though a bit big, t-shirts worked. But, shorts, leggings, & pjs unfortunately I had to buy from 3-12 month in sizes depending on the brand. But her growth slowed down and really, she’s been a 3-6 month size in most brands, even though I dressed her in some larger clothing. I even have a 0-3 month skirt from last summer that still fits her.

But this weekend, we hit a milestone: 9 month Carter’s PJs.

For better or worse, Carter’s sizing is my yardstick. I suppose because they are consistent across clothing type & because everyone seems to have at least some Carter’s clothes. In addition, PJs are my marker of a true clothing size change because they have less wiggle room on sizing. Shorts might have stretchier waists & t-shirts will work snug or baggy. Footie pajamas can only work for a limited time.

So about 8.5 months later than the average child, we’ve moved to the next size PJ. Unfortunately, Carter’s doesn’t start adding anti-slip grips to the feet of PJs until 12 month size. Good thing we’ve got mostly carpeted floors! Our little walker has been walking in 6 month non-grippy PJs for a few months, and has done okay, but most days this means stripping her to a diaper to run around when she first wakes up in the morning. This has been fine for the summer, but could be a problem when it gets colder.

Growth Spurt Signs

There were other signs of this little growth spurt:

  • Hitting her head when she walked under the table.
  • Her big belly shrinking (she tends to fatten up slightly then stretch, which means she goes up & down in pant sizes.)
  • Finding things in her little hands that were previously safe in the middle of bed stands & end tables.
  • An easier time & greater willingness to climb down the stairs (each step used to be like a little jump.)

Oddly not on this list: eating everything in sight. I thought at one point she seemed to be eating more, but as I look back, no more so than her normal feast to famine eating habits. I’ve thought she was going through a growth spurt a few times before based on food intake. One of those times it actually turned out her growth had slowed down. (Which was right around the time I was starting to buy 9 month clothing.) I’ve come to find eating an unreliable way to predict growth spurts.

So my next dilemma? What size to buy for fall/winter? Layering helps, but I still need to draw a line. I’ll hold off awhile, but with consignment sale season starting soon, i’ll have to decide in the next several weeks. I’m leaning toward 9 month sizes, but perhaps 12 month is a wise move to take me throughout the whole season?

Any other moms with slow growers out there (or regular or fast growers) have some clothing buying tips? Leave a comment below.


  1. Kelly says:

    I’m sometimes stuck buying two sizes in one season (each summer, so far!) so I buy a smaller amount of clothes in each size, and I always get them when they’re on sale.

    I’d suggest buying some 9 month clothes for winter (like pants, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts) and heavier long-sleeved shirts in 12 months for layering. But based on how long it took her to reach 9 month clothes, you may not have to worry!

    I’m just starting to put Nathan in 24 month clothes, but got mostly tops and onuses for summer with plans to use 18 month shorts, and layer up with the 24 month shirts in fall and winter. I’ll go back for pants when he can actually wear them and when they go on sale. His little butt won’t hold them up now, anyway. Come to think of it, he might be able to wear 18 month pants from last winter/spring this year.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Look for pants with an adjustable waist (I know Osh kosh offers them)also, Old Navy sizes their baby clothes 6-12 months so some of their items might be helpful!

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