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Test for One Thing, Find Another

September 8, 2011 by Michelle

After a little bit of procrastination & getting through a summer cold, I finally bit the bullet and did the urine test with Grace last week.

This was not a fun test. To do it, we had to literally attach a bag with adhesive to her and wait. She took it much better than I was expecting, and once we managed to collect & get it to the doctors office, I relaxed.

Test Results Call – “Good News and Not-so-good News”

As baby bunny was racing around downstairs and I was gathering the energy to put her to bed last night, the pediatrician called. “I have good news and not-so-good news.”

Good News – She does not have what we were testing for, Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA).

Not-so-good News – She was positive for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Ugh. As if having a UTI isn’t bad enough on it’s own, if she’s had it for a while undiagnosed, it could contribute to low weight gain. However, it’s a very unlikely cause she tells me. Could be totally unrelated and caught by chance!

She also tells me, it could be a false positive. The only way to know for sure is to catheterize her and test again. She asks us to come in as soon as possible. Double ugh.

Rush to the Doctor, to be Sent Home

Tonight, after work (and two awful commutes with the flooding everywhere) I rushed right back out with baby bunny to have the follow up test done. Unfortunately, one of the docs never made it in today and when we showed up, no one could take us. So now, this semi-urgent test is delayed at least one more day, possibly two.

Until then, I wait, wondering if she’s in pain and uncomfortable or perfectly fine. Though I don’t know anything yet, I can’t help but feel guilty that she may have been in pain for a long time. I can only hope the next test shows the first one was a false positive, then I only have to think about her being small.

Update 9/9/11
Second test showed no UTI. Phew.


  1. Cecily says:

    Oh, honey, that sucks. I hope your poor bunny feels better!

  2. Caren McElvenny says:

    Do not worry yourself and do not drive yourself crazy with the what ifs. If Bunny was in pain she would tell you. I’m so sorry you have to wait for the next test. Stupid rain is messing everything up. Good luck and I’m sure everything is fine. 🙂

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