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Preparing for my Baby to Have Anesthesia

March 10, 2012 by Michelle

More than a month of sickness and two weeks after I first called to schedule, it’s done. The endoscopy/lower colonoscopy is scheduled. (The lower colonoscopy is actually called something else I can’t remember at the moment.)

Getting the call from the scheduler yesterday saying it had made it through the channels and we could set a date was a relief at first. Finally! But anxiety crept in shortly after.

My bunny will be put under anesthesia.

It’s real. Less than two weeks away. She’s just 21 months old. And though I know this procedure will give us some answers blood work couldn’t, it’s still stressful. I’m tempted at times to just exercise my parental right to say, “She’s just small, no more tests!” But that would be denying her care if it turns out there is something that can/should be done.

I’ve met moms who’ve told me they’ve been through rounds of tests to eventually find out nothing is wrong. But I’ve met the flip side also. Gut may say everything is ok, but I’ll feel a lot less guilty if I do all I can.

I’m told someone will call before the procedure to discuss it. In the meantime questions run through my head.

  • Will I be with her the whole time? And do I want to see the procedure if I am allowed with her?
  • How long will she be out?
  • Will she wake up calmly, crying, screaming?
  • Will she feel any pain afterward?
  • what side effects might she experience?

A friend knows an anesthesia nurse I may talk to. But I’m curious from you. Has your child ever had anesthesia? What was it like?


  1. Kelly says:

    Nathan’s never been under anethesia before, but I’ve had both of those procedures and I can at least tell you that you feel no pain afterward. She might feel gassy after the colonoscopy, but she’ll feel fine after passing the gas.

    Coming out of anesthesia feels like you’re waking up from a really good nap.

    I think they’ll let you stay with her while she falls asleep, and then I imagine you’ll leave the room before the procedures start. They’ll probably let you come back in as she wakes up so you’re the first person she sees.

    I hope these little tidbits help you to feel a little better. It’ll all be over in no time, and the lead-up will probably feel worse than the actual procedures.

    Wishing you both the best!

    • Jane Hontz says:

      Anthony was went under when he was 3 or 4 for a CT scan. I was slowed to hold him while they gave him the stuff in his IV. He just got tired and the the only scary part was watching his eyes role up and then he was out. The Dr states with him and took him from me. Then when it was done they called me back before he woke up. It took along time for him to wake up which was alittle unerveing. But the nurse kept checking on him. It took about 15 minutes or so for him to wake up. I’ve had both those test done and it was easy. Very relaxing. The colon one tho is just gasy after. Does she have to flush out her system first.

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