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10 Great Things About Tiny Tots

May 25, 2013 by Michelle

I’m way overdue for a post about the wonderful things that come with having a small child. So forgetting about the challenges for a moment, here are 10 things to celebrate about your tiny tot:

I actually started writing this when bunny was 15 months old, but never felt like it was right. With her 3rd birthday approaching, I decided it was time to finally post.

1 – Easier to Carry

Just ask the 2-and-a-half-year-old who keeps picking her up and carrying “the baby” around while I’m writing this. Lighter kids are so much easier to carry.

2 – The Shock Factor – ‘She’s How Old?!?!’

From about 6-7 months on, my bunny has shocked many people. “She’s sitting up so well! How old is she?” or “That is the smallest child I’ve ever seen crawl.” and now “She walks?!?” It’s actually kind of fun to walk into a room carrying her, put her on the ground and watch jaws drop as she runs across the room.

3 – Major Diaper Savings

Smaller diapers cost less. In her size 2s I spend maybe $20 a month on diapers (thanks to Amazon Mom, too.) We didn’t move to size 3 until 15 months. (And stayed in size 3 until potty trained.) At one point I calculated cloth diapers vs disposables, and I wouldn’t break even until half way or more through my second child (depending on small he/she might be.)

4 – Clothes Last Longer

My bunny was in Newborn size for 8 weeks! Some parents are lucky to get a week out of newborn clothes. Bonus, the smaller size clothing, up to about 6 months, is in high supply at consignment stores and often new or like new as most other kids don’t wear it long. I made out good! (Maybe a little too good. I probably have enough 0-3 month items to dress triplets for a week.)

5 – More Time to Baby Proof

I’m reminded of this when friends come over with children about her age. Though she’ll eventually get tall enough to clear all surfaces with speed I can only imagine, we haven’t had to rush to baby proof some higher things. There are still many surfaces in my house tall enough to store items out of reach of little fingers without needs for baby locks. (I do have the truly dangerous stuff locked.) Plus, at this height there’s no way she could crawl out of her crib.

6 – Car Seat Lasts Longer, Easier To Keep Rear Facing

I had anticipated a larger child, so our car seat fits up to 32 pounds. She rode in that car seat past 2 until she got to tall. Still, she may be rear facing until 10. Alright hopefully not quite that long for real.) Keeping bunny rear facing until at least age 2 as recommended was a breeze and we continue to because it’s so much safer.

7 – Most Other Baby Gear Lasts Longer

Bassinet, bathtub, carriers, Bumbo, etc. We were able to keep bunny in our room in a bassinet until 7 months. Her bathtub gets placed inside our big tub, less water & she still has plenty of play room. We are in no danger of reaching the max weight on our carrier any time soon, and she still fits comfortably at nearly 3! (Sure some carriers are rated for 30-40-50 pounds, that doesn’t mean mom or child will be at all comfortable!) We never actually owned a Bumbo, just borrowed, but I know many a child whose chubby legs would get them stuck.

8 – Passes for Younger Child Nursing in Public

At 19 months, bunny doesn’t nurse in public very often, but when she does, she looks like a baby. (Unless she decides to practice her nursing acrobatics.) I’ve never had anyone say anything to me, but I feel the perception that she’s younger may stave off some comments. Of course in an ideal world, this shouldn’t mater anyway. (Still nursing at nearly 3 also 🙂

9 – Toddler Beds Are Plenty Big

Much easier to get a frame and keep the mattress to avoid the giant twin bed for a while. She’ll fit this bed well past toddler years.

10 – Tiny is Just So Darn Cute!

When they’re infants we marvel at how tiny they are. Tiny and cute are synonymous for many people. Even though she’s growing, I still get some of that infant tiny feeling as I marvel at this mini-person. She can move that tiny little body so well! In a group of kids, she stands out as adorably petite in a land of giants. Plus, she’s the tiniest dancer I’ve ever seen!

Got a tiny kid yourself? What would you add to this list?

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