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I have found tremendous support at the Breastfeeding Resource Center, and now volunteer for them as well.

My go to breastfeeding source online is

If you only have time for one money saving mommy blog (and there are a lot) I recommend Baby Cheapskate. Their Facebook page is super valuable as well.

Friends & Bloggers

A colleague and fellow mommy blogger with many more years of blogging under her belt. She was part of my motivation to finally start my own blog, though I don’t know if she knows it.

A mom, friend, writer, former colleague, and knitter. She has two blogs and great knitting patterns.

A friend and fitness blogger. She has been an excellent motivator for my post-baby diet and exercise. She’s on a mission to help 1,000 people with fitness in 2011.

Another friend in real life currently working on rewriting his novel.