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  1. Emoji Birthday Card

    August 20, 2017 by Michelle

    My daughter was going to see “The Emoji Movie” for a birthday party. We needed a birthday card, so she helped me design this card and I cut it on my Circut Explore Air. (Love this thing, thought I’d use it for fabric and felt applique cuts, but have been using it more for paper!)

    For the envelope and the card base I used Congratulations Card #M4CF65 from Creative Everyday Cards. It was available with Cricut Access. I deleted the “congratulations” part, but used the envelope and the circle shaped card. I love how the envelope is square but has curved edges to make it work nicely with the circle card. The default size was pretty small so I scaled it up.

    I found two free svgs for the emojis at The Craft Chop. In design studio, I looked at the size of the second smaller circle that was part of the original card design, and scaled the emojis to the same size. We did one each on the front and back of the card, and another on the envelope.

    My daughter selected the violet Cricut metallic pen to write “Happy Birthday!” on the inside. The font is “Saddle Up” also available with Cricut Access. She also picked all the paper colors.

    Turned out pretty nicely.

    BTW, the movie was awful, but Emoji’s are still cute.