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  1. Placing Bets – How Much Will She Weigh?

    July 22, 2011 by Michelle

    Tomorrow, I take my Baby Bunny back to the doctor for another weight check.

    Seven weeks ago she was 15lbs. 15oz., at 1 year and 1 week old. We were told to give her a high fat diet and come back to see if we could push her up to at least the 1st percentile. So what do we responsible parents do? Place bets. The stakes? Dishes for the weekend.

    My bet 16lbs. 7oz.
    His bet 16lbs. 9oz.

    He was trying to get her to eat extra guacamole & cheese tonight in the hopes of packing on an extra ounce before tomorrow. But, I’m hoping my track record of weight prediction will stand. I was weighing her every 1-2 weeks at one point, so I got good at it.

    Of course, both of our guesses probably mean the same thing – the doctor will be ordering tests to see why she’s so darn small.

    We won’t know until tomorrow, so no more speculating tonight.

  2. My Small Baby Girl

    July 22, 2011 by Michelle

    At 6lbs 4oz., 20 inches, and 5 days late, my baby girl was tiny from the beginning. Around the 6 month mark, her weight gain slowed and as a breastfeeding mother, it was to be expected, however, as her percentiles continued to drop, the pediatricians continued to be cautious with extra weight checks between visits.

    After I returned to work after her first birthday, my husband took her to the first doctor’s visit I didn’t attend. When his report included the recommendation that we put butter on all her food, I started to freak. Could this really be a healthy option for a child forming her lifetime eating habits?

    I no longer had the regular new mom and breastfeeding support groups that had kept me calm about her weight. And while I have one evening support group I still attend, I needed another outlet and choose to start Petite Child.

    Even though my baby Bunny has met and exceed all other development factors to date, the weight “issue” is still part of our lives. It is my firm belief that she is a perfectly healthy, but petite. My aim with this blog is to connect with other moms and share my story so parents with their own petite child can celebrate the joys of tiny tots!